Frequently asked questions

Should i do a trial?

Yes, trials are very important. You may think the style that you picked does not look good on you or would not go with your dress. This is why you and your artist work together to come up with the style that suites you the best. Your stylist are professionals and this is what they love to do, trust them!

What is the difference between airbrush makeup and traditional makeup?

The airbrush is long wearing that photographs very well. It is very light weight and can provide full coverage. Airbrush is what we reccommend for most brides. Traditional makeup is an alternative and sometimes a better option for matured and textured skin.

Should I do false lashes?

False lashes are something that is included in your makeup application. They're not required but it gives a finished look that will really make your eyes pop.

Do you travel?

Yes we do travel to many cities in NC. A travel fee will apply to long distance trips.

What should i do to prepare for the day of?

Some stylist say clean hair and some say dirty is best. This all depends on your hair texture and should be discussed with your artist at your trial. Night before we reccommend lightly exfoliating your face and come with moisturized skin. Most importantly, get a good nights rest!

I have a large bridal party, how many people can you accommodate?

We have multiple artist that are available for large parties. We suggest booking your day as far in advance as possible.