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The Story

behind the Enso symbol

Enso symbol is a sacred symbol in Zen philosophy and can be translated as circle of togetherness. it embodies many principles including strength, elegance, and the connectedness of all things. it is also said to symbolize the state of mind of the artist at the moment of creation, and is drawn boldly and spontaneously, as an expression of the creative spark that already exists within the artist. as artists, we strive to stay in that place of balance and center, as well as uphold those characteristics in our work.


Our team has worked together in the beauty industry for many years as freelance artists. After seeing the need for more complete bridal beauty packages, owner, Tiffany Tilley, decided to form her own company with some of the best artists she has worked with, and who's skill and personality she knew first hand. Tiffany's vision for her bridal team was a close group of professional artists who shared her passion for bridal beauty, as well as her commitment to maintaining a positive atmosphere of relaxation and wellbeing. We consider ourselves artists, and our best work is done from a place of fun and peacefulness, and we love sharing that vibe with our brides! Being a part of your wedding day is an honor. We love meeting new brides and look forward to traveling to different venues to deliver the BEST bridal beauty experience. 

Our Story

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